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About Us


Home School Guide, LLC was created in 2016 after many years of caring for children and families. Answering the  question: "What can we do at home to help support our child's development"? Our goal is to share knowledge and support families and educators nationwide. Our special emphasis is providing knowledge to families who are interested in homeschooling for the first time.


The mission includes a strong commitment to partner with families and communities to ensure the greatest value for investing in our children.


The Home School Guide community consists of founder Beth and her family, as well as our extended family, which includes all the wonderful educators that support our online Academy. Together we are grateful to continue serving homeschooling families far and wide!                                                               

Beth Omane, Owner and Founder



Certified Online Tutors

We offer tutoring to home-school students (Pre-K - 5th Grade)

  • 24/7 availability of tutors to learn any topic/subject or help with homework

  • Tutoring provides students the wisdom of choosing their own time for learning online

  • Students only require a computer with an internet connection.



"Beth was amazing, was able to put together an non overwhelming curriculum for my 2 and 4 year old in a matter of days! Quick turn around and extremely impressed. They love their "work" and helping me do things around the home. My goal is for them to love learning and Beth has given me the tolls to make that happen! So much so that having kids at home is more of a help since they have things they love to do (that doesn't break the bank!) "

Aliscia Freitas